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Adult Birthday Bouncy Castle Party

It may be a 21st or a 60th Birthday party and you would like some entertainment. BK's Adult Bouncy castle will certainly do the job, no matter what age you are an adult bouncy castle welcomes both adults or children to come on in and bounce away.

Everyone loves a bouncy castle and with one of the largest ranges of adult bouncy castles in the Midlands, we are sure to have one that is just right for your adult birthday party, event or occasion.

The range of adult castles come in a number of sizes, we Have 15ftx15ft, 15ftx16ft, 16ftx16ft, 16ftx18ft, 20ftx20ft and we have some even bigger castles on the way for this summer so be sure to keep an eye out. In addition to the sizes, the range also comes in a collection of themes. We understand that each birthday party is unque and holds its own atmosphere or theme, therefore we have a wide selection of themed adult castles. This includes Jungle, Party, Pirate, Princess, Beach, Giraffe, Monkey, Tiger, Multi Coloured, Celebration, Champagne, Circus and the last but not least our largest castle the Fete Castle.

BK Custoimers, have hired adult bouncy castles for a number of events. Weddings, Anniversary Parties, 18th Birthday Parties, Garden Parties, Corporate events are just a few in our list. In some cases, an adult castle is great to hire even if the event is just for children and not adults. When carrying out an event which has a large number of children attending, it can be benneficial to have a slightly larger castle to allow for a greater number of children to be in the castle at one given time.

Frequently Asked Questions When Hiring An Adult Bouncy Castle

1. Can both adults and children use the bouncy castle?

Yes, but not at the same time. Users should go on together with similar heights to avoid any accidents or injuries.

2. What's different for an adult bouncy castle than a children's bouncy castle?

An adult bouncy castle has higher side walls and wall height starting from the top of the bed to the top of the wall up to 1.8m gives the maximum height of the user for that castle. This is important for safety and to ensure any insurance is valid.

Adult bouncy castles also have a deeper bouncing bed to ensure extra bounce and to withhold the extra weight of an adult user.

Adult bouncy castles are larger each unit has a maximum number of users at any time. The larger the bouncy castle the more users can use the inflatable at any one time. Also the smaller height of the user the more users at any one time. Users are categorised in height groups and maximum users at any time are clearly marked on the front of the unit.

3. Can adult bouncy castles be kept overnight for evening parties?

Yes, they can although they need to be in a secure venue or garden which can be locked.

4. If I hire an adult bouncy castle and some other products like Play Zone or a fun food machine will I get a discount?

Yes, most products are available at a reduced rate when hired together.

Make a booking for you Adult Birthday Party

To hire an adult bouncy castle or any other Bk products it is easy. All you need to do is click on the product categories to the left-hand side, search our massive range of products to hire. Once you have found the castle you would like to book simply, click the book online or check availability buttons underneath the product and then follow on from there through our online booking process. Alternatively, give us a call on or email us