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Bouncy Kings Product Videos

BK Promo Video Introduction

Gladiator Rock N Roll

Are you ready to face the challenge? are you ready to up the fight? Well, don't worry because we have the Gladiator Rock N Roll ready for deployment!

Fight against friends & family as you Rock & roll around the gladiator pit trying your best to stay on top. This is not any old Gladiator ring, this one contains the safeguarding surround for maximum protection, bish bash boulders to knock off your opponent with and the wobbly podium in the centre, which is where you will fight till the end with your friend or fo!

Inflatable Penalty Shoot Out

Are You ready to put your football skills to the test?

Show the whole party who the king of the football is with Bouncy Kings Penalty Shootout!

This great inflatable will ensure that all teams have fun as you challenge each other to how many goals you can score within the time limit. It also comes with a football-themed artwork along the inflatable to make you feel like you are really in a football stadium! In this video, Tom & Kieran show you how to use the penalty Shootout.

Inflatable Gladiator Duel

In this video, Kieran and Micheal show you how to best use the Inflatable Gladiator Duel!

Kieran and Michael show you what it is like to be in the mighty Inflatable Gladiator Duel with their fighting hats on, bish bash posts in hands and strength to keep on! In this particular inflatable, you will need, endurance, strength and skill to stay on top and come out victorious on the Bouncy Kings Inflatable Gladiator Duel.

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Inflatable Santa's Grotto

If the weather outside is frightful, then the Santa's Grotto fire is so delightful!

In this BK video, we show you the magical Santas Grotto with the addition of Finley showing you around such a magical grotto at the perfect time of year.

If the winter is coming in, then what better time then to go inside the Legendary Santas Grotto for the first time! The magical themed artwork around the inside and outside will truly make this grotto feel like one of a kind!

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Helter Slide Disco Dome Combo

Todays video has the BK crew showing you the ultimate Disco Dome and Slide Combo!

If you have any sort of party coming up, then this is the right thing for you! The beatifully coloured and themed inflatable have the perfect combo for any party. As shown in the video, it has a cool multicolour rainbow theme, bounce area, disco light, speaker for music and side slide combo to finish off the perfect night of fun, bounce and dance!

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Inflatable Christmas Snow Globe

In todays Bouncy Kings video, we show off the ultimate Inflatable Christmas Snow Globe!

Santa is around us and so is the magic of Christmas with our brand new and exciting Snow Globe! In this amazing product, we have made sure that you don't just get any old snowglobe, you get a Christmas spirit with the addition of an inflatable snowman, Christmas tree and candy cane! To make it even more special, you will also have a Christmas wonderland land.

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Inflatable Bungee Run

In this Bouncy Kings video, you have the very own Bouncy Kings crew showing you how to use the Inflatable Bungee Run!

It all starts with 2 lucky runners that will make their way from the start to the end to get the furthest while also being able to grab the prize on the end. You will be strapped into the super BK Bungee Cord as you fight your way against the inflatable to crown yourself victorious and kind of the bungee!

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Inflatable Fun Run

In today's inflatable fun run video, the very own BK's Tom & Kieran make their way through the intense and cool inflatable showing you what's inside and how to use it.

For this inflatable, you will have 2 runners to make their way into the inflatable as they tackle, jump and bounce their way into and out of the inflatable while avoiding the bish bash posts, climbing wall and slippy slide to crown themselves victorious to the inflatable of a lifetime! To add to the awesomeness of this inflatable, it is also covered in an amazing purple and blue colour combo to make any competitive race one you will not forget in a hurry.

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Inflatable 2 Part Energy Assault Course

In todays Bouncy Kings video, we have the inflatable of a lifetime with our 2 Part Energy Assault Course!

2 family or friends go head to head in this exciting new inflatable that will be sure to get the blood rushing! As shown by our very own BK stuntman, Kieran, he will show you how to run, jump and bounce your way throught this crazy inflatable maze that is our 2 Part Assault Course. With the addition of many bish bash posts, obstacles and climbing walls, you will be pushed to your limits to make it to the other side! Like our BK Stuntman Kieran, you will be left crowned kind of the Assault course!

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Inflatable Disco Dome

In this video, we showcase the amazing Inflatable Disco Dome!

The BK Disco Dome is back and in all its glory with much more than just a bounce area!

As you can see by the video, this is not any old disco dance area, this is one of the best inflatables for Bouncy Kings as it includes a speaker with an AUX cable, meaning you can attach any device that accepts a 3.5mm jack slot to play any music for any party. It also includes a disco light that slips into the roof of the inflatable to project on the inside of the inflatable which gives you the perfect setting for the perfect party!

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Inflatable Bouncy Boxing

Prepare to step in the ring with this amazing inflatable from Bouncy Kings, the infamous Bouncy Boxing!

The fight is on in this video as the Bouncy Kings Fight Club, Sam & Kieran take on one and other in this epic stand-off! As seen in the video, they prepare themselves with the protective hat and gloves that get them ready for any fight!

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Inflatable Helter Skelter Giant Slide

Nothing is as classic as an Inflatable Helter Skelter Giant Slide!

Relive the classic design as you watch the fun you can have with the giant Helter Skelter Giant Slide! Demonstrated by our own BK team, Connor and Chloe, show us how to use the Giant Helter Skelter slide in all its glory as you climb the stairs to a classic heaven and slide your way back down this wonderful and beautiful inflatable.

Bouncy kings recommend this as the perfect inflatable for a wedding or other big day/Event.

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Inflatable Vertical Rush Slide

One of Bouncy Kings most exciting products from 2016!

One of the first in the UK of its type...the RUSH slide came into the light with our team and they loved it that much, they wanted to share it with you!

The RUSH slide is the first of its type to have a near vertical drop at the summit of the giant slide. This means, when you go off the will feel the drop!

The inflatable is also covered in the adrenaline-fueled theme artwork that will make it feel like you are dropping at a super fast speed!

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Inflatable Princess Play Zone

The beautiful Princess Playzone!

In this video, Bouncy Kings showcase the fun and magic that is inside the Inflatable princess Play Zone! This includes an air blowing area for the ball pit balls. a ball bit, mini slide and much more all inside this amazing and unique inflatable. If you want to see more about this product, then click on the video to the left, alternatively, you can also check out this product by clicking here!

Inflatable Jungle Play Zone

The jungle play zone, perfect for any junior explorer!

This video will show you how to use the Jungle Play Zone and what is included in this wonderful inflatable. Some of the things included are the inflatable elephant slide, ball pit, air blower and much more to keep any young bouncer as happy as they can possibly be!

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Buzz Wire

The BuzzWire!

One of the first promotional videos from the BK team!

The Bouncy Kings office team try their hand at some good old fashioned Buzz wire!

The game where timing, skill and minimal movement are key to winning this title.

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