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03 February 14 - New Craze for Adult Inflatables Games!

Adult Inflatable Games

Adult inflatable games have really come on over the last decade from just adult bouncy castles. There's now a wider market with a number of different products and ranges to suit the growing adult inflatable market. These include gladiator duels, bungee runs, pillow bashes but a firm new favourite has to be the bouncy boxing inflatable boxing ring. Now every one can be their own ' Frank Bruno or Mohamed Ali' with the company of friends and family and a social get to together, party or BBQ. This unit below is taken from Bouncy Kings of Leicester's adult bouncy castle hire fleet.

Bouncy Boxing for hire

Bouncy Boxing

Bouncy boxing is an inflatable boxing ring and a similar structure to a normal adult bouncy castle. It has the same bouncing area/bed, inflated corner towers and a front step but the inflatable normal solid walls are replaced by two inflatable strips or bands to act as boxing ring ropes and to secure the user safely inside the boxing ring at all time. Two users at a time take to the ring and are supplied with a pair of over grown padded boxing gloves to ensure little injury is given to the opponent. The winner is normally the one who can stay up and in the ring for the longest period of time and is declared the winner. When in a larger group of people each person can take it in turns to face a different person in a number of matches to see who will be crowned overall boxing champion.

Inflatable Gladiator Duel

Inflatable gladiator duel is a larger inflatable, normally around 20 foot by 20 foot in size, and is only made up of the bed part of a normal inflatable bouncy castle. It has two podiums towards the centre of the inflated area, one for each person to stand on. These are either normally inflated too or can be covered solid objects with a foam layer. The covered podiums are normally more stronger and stable so give a better more solid footing for the user in order to take to battle. It's a two person inflatable game with the object of using foam poles to bash the other person off their podium. Each player has their own cover pole to use with two straps, one for each hand to hold on the pole with. The person who remains on there podium is then classed as the winner of that round or game. When a number of people are there to have a go the winner can either stay on and face a new person or different couples can play against each other then the winner normally take each other on and so on until only one person is left.

Bungee Run

The inflatable bungee run is also a popular choice with the task of seeing who has the most strength between two players. The inflatable is a long and narrow unit with normally two lines sited next to each other. Although you can get other variations with just the one lane or also with more then the two lanes. There is also bungee runs on the market which have two lanes backing on to each other too. The player is strapped onto a bungee pull cord, which is fixed to the back on the unit. Each player then runs and pull and make there way up the inflatable lane to see who can get the nearest to the end before the force of the bungee cord pulls them straight back. The person who is able to get the closest to the end is then classed as the winner of the game or round. The game can be made up of any number of rounds and is normally the best of so many rounds to win the game.

Pillow Bash

Pillow bash while not as appealing as the other inflatable adult games above is a smaller inflatable in a sort of 'U' shape with a pole going through both sides and along the middle. Two players then sit on either end of the pole and make their way forward toward the middle section. The pole is normally covered with foam padding to reduce the risk of injury to the users. They are both given a 'pillow', a cover foam piece in the shape of a pillow, to use to hit the other person with in order to make them go off balance and fall onto the inflated bed below. There person who remains on the pole is then classed as the winner. Again this can also be played in a number of heats or rounds in order to determine who is the over all winner.

Adult Bouncy Castles

While the market is changing and new inflatable games are coming out the are restricted to the number of users that can use them at any given time and also by the normally larger area needed in order to inflate them. Overall these can add something different and more exciting to any adult party or get together but with the restrictions the adult bouncy castle will always remain the most popular inflatable units in the adult market. Mainly due to more users being able to use the unit at any one time and also the higher availably of the units as most bouncy castle companies have a large amount of these unit in their hire fleet. Because of this and the larger market they are normally at a lower price to hire. Inflatables for hire for adults are different from children's bouncy castles in that they are built especially for adult use. They are able to withstand the larger and heavier adult user. The bed is normally reinforced along with the towers too. The bouncing bed is also taller in height to give a bigger and safer bounce. The wall heights of the units are also tall to support the extra height of the adult users. The insurance cover is also increased and more bespoke to cover the added risk of an adult injury and claim.

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