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17 June 14 - Planning a child's birthday party and what to remember

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Planning your child's next birthday party is a massive undertaking for any parent. With an endless list of requirement and wants for everyone it can be a very stressful time for only a couple hours of joy. To make it easier creating a list of major points to cover will always help. The 3 main things to place some careful consideration into are; the venue, the entertainment and food. Once you have covered these basic needs the rest should all slowly come together. Bouncy King bouncy castle hire points out a few basic considerations.

Venue - Considerations should be:

Location - Is it central for everyone who you are inviting or are they able to make their own way there by their own means. Does this mean everyone can drive or able to walk or use public transport, like a bus, to enjoy your party.

Size - This has to be a major point. There is no point hiring a venue which is too large or small for your party or expected party numbers. It's not just the guests who will need to fit in comfortably but also any entertainment items or people you decide upon as well as space and room for your guest's to eat and drink.

Facilities - This will all depend on what you have planned. Is it on the ground floor or have disable access should your guests need it. Does it have it own kitchen facilities should you be doing fresh or hot food.

Price - The price to hire a venue can vary by a large amount depending on the venue you choose to hire. Local community centres and church village halls can be a great low cost option when trying to keep costs down or to divert to your other budgets for say entertainment etc.


There has never been a large range of entertainment to keep your child and their friends happy and to give them the most enjoyable experience. This will all depend on the age range of guests you have coming from Soft Play for the little ones, bouncy castles for the older ones right up to adults and something different like sumo suits for the teenagers. Or maybe a disco or DJ might be more the birthday person thing. The options are endless.


The type of food you choose to serve will all depend on the type of party you are planning to do. If its a traditional young child's birthday party sandwiches and sausage rolls followed by jelly and ice cream could be the order of the day. While if you are planning a summer children's garden party a BBQ with flame grilled burgers and hot dogs is a must. Doing the food yourself or using outside caterers is another idea. Do you have enough time and man power to provide all the food needed to fill all of your guests and their parents possibly too. If so friends and family can be a great help sharing the work load and producing different food items for you.

Bouncy Kings is a leading entertainment company specialising in bouncy castle hire Oakham and are able to offer their advise and help with any sort of party or event so please give us a call for friendly, free advise.

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