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28 July 16 - Office Update - 2 Months of Bouncy Kings

2 months ago, the BK family was extended with another employee, that employee was me, Tom. Since I am all settled in, I guess it is time to share my time and experience so far about the job and its brilliant office staff.

2 months ago I took a step into the world of Bouncy Kings, little did I know about the amount of fun, laughter and unforgettable moments that would come with this job. Since my arrival, I have met the most welcoming office team that really made me comfortable with my role within Bouncy Kings. Every day in the office is a new and unique day full hard work and laughter, which in turn makes the day go by like a breeze. Some days can be harder than others, especially when we have new products on the arrival, this means we have to write the product descriptions, sort the product titles out and Photoshop the products so they look nice and pretty for the storefront.

Another great perk of working here at Bouncy Kings is being able to try the castle before they go out. When you see the arrival of a delivery van approach the grass front, you know a castle is about to go up!

BK Fun Castle

The last castle I had been on was the Red & Yellow Giant Inflatable Slide which is one of our newest products on our range of inflatables. At first I thought it was a small castle but once you get on top, you then realize how high it is and how much excitement and adrenaline can pump through your veins. Even at the age of 20, I still love to go up and down an inflatable slide and bounce up and down a bouncy castle.

So, Moving on.

The question of interest, "What do you do at Bouncy Kings, Tom?"

Well, my key strength is to make the pretty graphic designs that you see on our website This can range from some of our Package Deals which could include Princess themed soft play, so then I know the brief would be a princess theme, or even if it consists of a superhero theme castle and soft play so then it is fit for both boys and girls. I also do a range of things such as banners for our website so you know what the products will look like before you hire them out. Despite being on the graphic side of things, I also make blog posts (like the one your reading now) and social media posts to further grow the Bouncy Kings golden reputation of being the place to go for inflatables. We like to deliver our brilliant service whether that is on the phone, on the day of your event and even on social media!

So, you are probably thinking, what is my favorite bouncy castle inflatable, well the answer to that is simple, it has to be the most adrenaline pumping and exciting inflatable we have had to date...The Rush!

The Rush castle is the first of its kind in the UK! It is a giant inflatable slide, but not like any has a vertical drop instead of a slow incline. This makes it such a "Rush" to go down as the sudden drop makes my stomach (and most likely your stomach too!) feel like I have jumped off a mountain! The incredible feeling you get from jumping down such a slide is something I always remember about this job.

So to conclude my time here so far at Bouncy Kings, it has been a job with many bounces of fun and a job full of joy and laughter as we continue to grow as a leading provider in Leicester for Bouncy castles & Inflatables Hire.

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