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15 August 16 - The Ultimate Bouncy Kings Package!

Here at Bouncy Kings, we are always looking at how to move forward with providing the most amazing experience at anything from back garden parties, birthdays. weddings and many more occasions, we make sure we have you covered! As of lately we have been doing some research into what our customers like, we found some pretty cool findings. So with all our information and data, we created the perfect packages that include many favourites from our customers. We have many packages that tend to go in a cycle of Bronze, Silver, Gold, so it is easier to track them when making a hire. We also have the office favourites....The Action packages! we have many packages, one of them is The Action Adrenaline

Action Package 1 The Adrenaline Package would be considered the warm up package compared to our other packages, however, it still includes a Bungee Run , Penalty shootout, Sumo Suits & Gladiator Rock & Roll! Even for the most fit of people, they will still struggle as they gather the needs of energy, stamina and strength to make this amazing package a tick of the to do list. Another one of our amazing packages is the "Ultimate Action package!" This one is the most advanced package deals we have ever done at Bouncy Kings!

Action Package 2

This monster package will include the following:

  • Last Man Standing
  • Dash & Grab
  • Adult Fete Castle
  • Adult Sumo Suits
  • Helter Skelter
  • Giant Slide
  • Rodeo Bull
  • 2 Part Assault course
  • Bouncy Boxing
  • Gladiator Rock & Roll
We decided to put all of our inflatables into one mighty package for those who want an epic adventure to turn any event into a challenge to remember! Keep in mind this package is made for a large group of people as there is so many things to enjoy. This ultimate Action package includes 10 different inflatables to suit any needs of physical activity. If you are planning a big event with friends, family or even a corporate event then this will be perfect to scale the size of the event.

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