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13 December 16 - BK Blog - 13th December - Christmas Is Getting Closer!

12th December 2016 – Christmas Time For BK!

So Christmas time is nearly here and Bounce Kings are ready celebrate. Why is that? Well, we have a great range of products, including Christmas ones like our inflatable grotto and our beautiful Inflatable Snow Globe. Although that isn't the only reason we are excited here at Bouncy Kings, we have our own special member of the team, someone who not only needs a name and needs to find his way home for Christmas, but he is now learning the ropes in thee BK Office...It's our very own BK Monkey!

The BK Monkey has been very excited about learning some of our new products, so we let him set his hands on the computer and take it all. So far, he likes the Disco Dome With Slide Combo. Inflatable Snow Globe, Photo-booth and many more I am sure he will talk about one day. So like our BK Monkey says, Christmas is a time for being with family and friends and having fun. That is why we want to give you the best quality products for the best times of the year. We have many products ranging from Christmas themed items to everyday Giant Inflatable Slides and even super duper Action Packed packages ready to warm up anyone that is daring to take on our amazing Obstacle Courses.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for more news on our awesome products, package deals and adventures of the BK Monkey!

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img_3233Over the weekend, we here at Bouncy Kings had the great pleasure of providing a full action package to an annual fun day at Brooksby Melton Hall for all the hard workers at Samworth Brothers! Out package consisted of some of the best in competition style events and really did make the event a fun and enjoyable one for children and adults alike.

The event started at 11am and lasted for a total of 6 hours; the BK staff arrived on site promptly at 8:30am to have everything ready, set up, and ready to go before taking their stations at the inflatable for the duration of the day. Throughout the day, we saw many mums, dads, children, uncles, aunties and cousins take part and have a go on each of the different inflatable games that we had to offer… enjoying every second of it and making the event one to remember. Before a sudden downpour, which had everyone abandon the field and retreat towards the dry building, the weather was good, the DJ kept the latest variation in music playing strongly… and most of all, everybody loved the inflatables! One of the finest packages that we have had to offer.

img_3212 img_1886_edit img_3242

The event consisted of some of the best competition inflatables that we have to offer here at BK, and some defiantly worth having a look at to make your event the best one possible and add some nice competition. We have provided you with a short list of the inflatables that Samworth Brothers chose for their day, along with links directly to the product page and even a short description of what they provide.

2 Part Assault Course:

The 2 part assault course is one of the best inflatable assault courses that you will find in the inflatable world today! Consisting of 2 different inflatables, this assault course stands at a whopping 42 in length and consists of obstacles that you have to climb, navigate through and crawl under before descending down the slide at the end!

Penalty Shootout:

Think you can get one past the BK keeper? It’s time to step up and prove it! The shootout provides for some great competition, step up and take your shots against the keeper and try and put it through 1 of the  available pockets, it’s time to prove your metal….

Circus Adult Bouncy Castle:

The most famous of all inflatables without any shadow of doubt… a bouncy castle. Endless fun for all ages and something that will make your event! Make sure to check out the huge range of different and themes that we have to offer for your upcoming hires!

Sumo Suits:

It’s time to step into the ring and test your metal against an opposer. The sumo suits combine all of your strength, agility and wit in an attempt to be the last man standing in the ring. It’s to suit up and step up!

Human Football Table ( COMING SOON! ): A real life human foosball table which can house up to 10 players at any one time! Strap yourselves into the bungee c0rd ropes and try and score as many goals as possible by navigating the field as best you can before being pulled back to your spot! a great game for larger events…

All in all, the Brooksby Melton Hall event was a great one and one that will be marked in the Bouncy Kings books for years to come. Remember, for all of your upcoming events and hires, make sure to check out Bouncy Kings!













booths header.jpg

So it’s here and it’s better than ever before… BK Photo Booths has hit the market and took it by storm, ready for all of your upcoming hires!

That’s right, you can now enjoy the latest in photo booth technology with all of the added benefits that BK provide all in one nicely compacted hire. Our booths are of the highest quality and come complete with all of the necessary features to give yourself the best event day possible including:




Our photo booths can be hired for various different time lengths depending on your occasion weather that be university events, college events, weddings, open days or even fund raisers!

Photo booths are the new thing…. a way to capture all of your best moments in style, with thousands of different combinations! you can literally have your photo taken anywhere around the world that you can possibly think of… in any outfit…. with anyone! Great, right? Possibilities are literally limitless when it comes to hiring a BK Photo Booth, so make sure to get your hire secured today!

For more information regarding BK Photo Booths… click HERE!


Here at the Bouncy Kings HQ, we make the most of our summer times and we want you to do the same.

Since the Great British weather isn’t…”Great” we make up for that disappointment in the only way we know how. That way is the BK way!

Since we are a leading provider in inflatables, we make sure we have the most up to date, fun and awesome inflatables and garden games to turn a rainy day into a day you will never forget. We have inflatables to suit everyone’s needs!

Some of our best inflatables are…

  • The Rush Giant Inflatable Slide
  • The Last Man Standing Sweeper
  • Giant Super Hero Slide
  • Boot Camp

So, what are these inflatables?


The Rush – This is the first of its kind in the UK! This slide stands at an impressive 18ft high and has a near vertical drop waiting at the summit. This makes any user feel the rush of a lifetime. With its unique color and design, it makes any user feel like a champion as they take on the dreaded, yet amazing drop of The Rush Inflatable Slide –

cubs 2

The Last Man Standing Sweeper – This inflatable is only for those who are ready to take on the challenge of putting there body to the test. Ever wanted to feel like you are on a game show? Well, your in luck with this one as you will have to dodge, jump and duck the swinging poles to avoid being taken out of your section. Be careful… this is a tricky one! The last man standing in their zone is the winner! –


Giant Super Hero Slide – This inflatable will not let you down, for all those who enjoy super heroes and want to experience the slide of a hero then this is the best inflatable for you! Even the older people can enjoy a good slide while feeling like a hero (Go on, we know you want to!) –


Boot Camp! – If your looking for the inflatable to make any event incredible, check out this exciting game that will be sure to put your body to its limits. Make sure you have the strength to push your way through this stunning and  challenging course as you climb, jump, sprint and race your way to the end of the assault course to be crowned victorious. –

Now if they don’t sound exciting enough for you, i don’t know what will be?

We also have a smaller range for the young ones. We have soft play packs which contain 18 pieces of soft play for the young ones to climb on, stack up and build anything they want to have fun. Moreover, we also have a ball pit, giant connect 4 ,giant kerplunk and the house hold classic…twister…but with a twist. This time the rules are exactly the same but the only difference is, it’s inflatable! What is better than playing the classics twister but on an inflatable scale!

BK Ball Pool &amp; Soft Play Ban

We aim to give each and every hire the golden standards you require. All our castles and inflatables are tested and meet the requirements we set.

So, with all this knowledge and excitement why don’t you brighten up your summer with a Bouncy Kings inflatable –


Here at Bouncy Kings, we are always looking at how to move forward with providing the most amazing experience at anything from back garden parties, birthdays. weddings and many more occasions, we make sure we have you covered!

As of lately we have been doing some research into what our customers like, we found some pretty cool findings. So with all our information and data, we created the perfect packages that include many favorites from our customers.

We have many packages that tend to go in a cycle of Bronze, Silver, Gold, so it is easier to track them when making a hire.

We also have the office favourites….The Action packages!

we have many packages, one of them is The Action Adrenaline

Action Package 1

The Adrenaline Package would be considered the warm up package compared to our other packages, however, it still includes a Bungee Run , Penalty shootout, Sumo Suits & Gladiator Rock & Roll!

Even for the most fit of people, they will still struggle as they gather the needs of energy, stamina and strength to make this amazing package a tick of the to do list.

Another one of our amazing packages is the “Ultimate Action package!” This one is the most advanced package deals we have ever done at Bouncy Kings!

Action Package 2

This monster package will include the following:

  • Last Man Standing
  • Dash & Grab
  • Adult Fete Castle
  • Adult Sumo Suits
  • Helter Skelter
  • Giant Slide
  • Rodeo Bull
  • 2 Part Assault course
  • Bouncy Boxing
  • Gladiator Rock & Roll

We decided to put all of our inflatables into one mighty package for those who want an epic adventure to turn any event into a challenge to remember!

Keep in mind this package is made for a large group of people as there is so many things to enjoy. This ultimate Action package includes 10 different inflatables to suit any needs of physical activity. If you are planning a big event with friends, family or even a corporate event then this will be perfect to scale the size of the event.

What is “The Rush” is what you are probably thinking…well it is something special that has arrived to our BK collection!

The Rush is the first of its kind in the UK and we here at Bouncy Kings are proud to bring new and adrenaline pumping products to you for events, parties or even just a family get together.

The Rush Giant Inflatable Slide is not like any other product at Bouncy Kings, it is an 18ft high inflatable with a near vertical drop, enough of a drop to make you feel the thrill like no other you have experienced before! It has the standard climb like all our castles but as you get higher, you will see the steep drop awaiting your arrival.

With a design that was carefully crafted to ensure it gives you the best ride, it has a distinct red & black arrow design showcasing the shear drop that sits awaiting all thrill seekers at at the top. It is also accompanied by a soothing yellow to make the climb feel less nerve racking as you prepare yourself for the drop that awaits at the top of this Giant Inflatable Slide.


The next step, how do you use The Rush?

The Rush inflatable slide is easier to use than you would think, unlike our other products such as the Super Hero Giant Inflatable Slide or Red Party Giant Inflatable Slide, The Rush Giant Inflatable Slide Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1  – Prepare yourself for the most wild drop you have ever seen and will ever experience in a bouncy castle as beautiful yet heart pumping as The Rush!


Step 2 – After a little prep session, start embarking on your nerve racking climb to the summit of The Rush slide while peering round to see the near vertical drop that awaits your arrival.


Step 3 – After you climb the side steps, build the courage to sit upon the near vertical drop and reach the point of no return, you now have only one step to take which is the breaking point to someone who is either willing to take the plunge and deem them self victorious in feeling “The Rush!” or choose to sit and ponder while playing with our 18 piece soft play set.


So, now you know exactly what you are in store for with the amazing and heart pumping Rush Slide. Simply prepare yourself with these 3 easy steps, make sure you are ready for the drop of a lifetime. You wouldn’t want to pass on the chance to feel The Rush!

Go check out The Rush today and see if your ready for the drop


I have been with BK Events for 3 months now, and have been asked to write a short piece on what my experience has been like so far.

I started early June and took on the role of Business Admin Apprentice, my role includes taking booking over the phone, through e-mail and answering queries. I am also responsible for a lot of the general admin for the office, as time goes on I am taking on more responsibilities and enjoying the challenge.

Working at BK events does have some perks, we are often receiving deliveries of brand new castles, I  normally get the chance to test them out. The Red Party Giant Slide came in last week, which was great fun, the castle really stands with yellow and red as the colour. Another castles that came was the Party Themed Slide Combo, this I belive is great for kids under the age of 12, it has plenty of space to bounce as well as a slide. I am really looking forward to some of the new castles which are coming one in particular is the Rush Slide, this castles has a vertical drop at the top, unlike any inflatable slide in the UK.

In addition to the new castles arriving, I do like the office in which Bouncy kings is based. It is situated in Green acres, Birstall, Leicester within a long line of offices, with plenty of green and a great view . There is also a caffe across from us which I have to try and resist, one because of my waistline and two because of my bank balance. The office itself has glass windows on one wall so even on those sunny days you do get to enjoy some of the sun. The atmosphere is friendly, relaxed and amusing and hardworking all qualities which I think are important for any office. The Managers Ant and Louise are also very kind to us the other week they arranged a BBQ at lunch, we were also taken out for lunch the week before, so there has been no complaints from me.

I have managed to get myself out of the office, some weekends I offer to work out on an event, which involves manning a castles. The last event I took part in was at De Montfort Hall, there was a christian event called Follow 2016, it was a family day with speeches, stalls and a couple of Bouncy Kings castles a 20×20 Fete Castle, which is great for large events and Jungle Party Slide Combo, it was quite a relaxed day all the people who attended were very friendly. Another event I went to was at University of Leicester, for an end of term party. The Dash And Grab as well as the Last Man Sweeper were there two of my favourite inflatables, they are great for large events and can really get people involved.

That concludes my 3 months at Bouncy Kings, a small in sight of my experiences so far I am sure I will be back with more to tell you once I hit 6 months.


2 months ago, the BK family was extended with another employee, that employee was me, Tom. Since I am all settled in, I guess it is time to share my time and experience so far about the job and its brilliant office staff.

2 months ago I took a step into the world of Bouncy Kings, little did I know about the amount of fun, laughter and unforgettable moments that would come with this job. Since my arrival, I have met the most welcoming office team that really made me comfortable with my role within Bouncy Kings. Every day in the office is a new and unique day full hard work and laughter, which in turn makes the day go by like a breeze. Some days can be harder than others, especially when we have new products on the arrival, this means we have to write the product descriptions, sort the product titles out and Photoshop the products so they look nice and pretty for the storefront.

Another great perk of working here at Bouncy Kings is being able to try the castle before they go out. When you see the arrival of a delivery van approach the grass front, you know a castle is about to go up!

BK Fun Castle

The last castle I had been on was the Red & Yellow Giant Inflatable Slide which is one of our newest products on our range of inflatables. At first I thought it was a small castle but once you get on top, you then realize how high it is and how much excitement and adrenaline can pump through your veins. Even at the age of 20, I still love to go up and down an inflatable slide and bounce up and down a bouncy castle.

So, Moving on.

The question of interest, “What do you do at Bouncy Kings, Tom?”

Well, my key strength is to make the pretty graphic designs that you see on our website This can range from some of our Package Deals which could include Princess themed soft play, so then I know the brief would be a princess theme, or even if it consists of a superhero theme castle and soft play so then it is fit for both boys and girls. I also do a range of things such as banners for our website so you know what the products will look like before you hire them out. Despite being on the graphic side of things, I also make blog posts (like the one your reading now) and social media posts to further grow the Bouncy Kings golden reputation of being the place to go for inflatables. We like to deliver our brilliant service whether that is on the phone, on the day of your event and even on social media!

So, you are probably thinking, what is my favorite bouncy castle inflatable, well the answer to that is simple, it has to be the most adrenaline pumping  and exciting inflatable we have had to date…The Rush!

The Rush castle is the first of its kind in the UK! It is a giant inflatable slide, but not like any other…it has a vertical drop instead of a slow incline. This makes it such a “Rush” to go down as the sudden drop makes my stomach (and most likely your stomach too!) feel like I have jumped off a mountain! The incredible feeling you get from jumping down such a slide is something I always remember about this job.

So to conclude my time here so far at Bouncy Kings, it has been a job with many bounces of fun and a job full of joy and laughter as we continue to grow as a leading provider in Leicester for Bouncy castles & Inflatables Hire.




We like to try and keep all of our followers up to date on the recent happenings at Bouncy Kings so you can see what we’ve been up to while organising and delivering your hire items, and with the summer creeping upon us, we’ve had a busy few months!

One thing that you will notice if you have swung by recently, is the new influx of BRAND NEW inflatables that we have! In the last few months, we have increased our fleet even further to add huge games like the Last Man Standing and Dash and Grab, while also bringing in new soft play zones for the toddlers. The play zone are on their way to BK HQ as we speak so will be ready to hire before you know it; as for the inflatable games… they are ready when you hire! With a few hires already under their belt, these inflatable games have really proven their way! Check out some of the events that they have covered in our previous blog posts or by our Facebook page.

As well as new inflatable we have also recruited a selection of new staff to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. Our new Business Admin Executive, Max, has been with us for several months now and continues to be your first point of call… the chances are that you have spoken to him without even knowing it! Without any shadow of a doubt, you will catch him some way along your Bouncy Kings experience; either answer your calls or e-mails, dealing with payments or maybe even manning the inflatables at your event! Chloe is our next new full-time member, with diversity being a very strong trait in her, she can get involved with anything so there’s not telling where you will catch her! Either covering vans  and delivery your inflatables or in the office, she really is a jack of all traits. Either manning inflatables, driving vans, answering calls or keeping the office in line, she really is a great asset to the team. We also now have Tom, a keen Digital Marketing Executive who makes all of our wonderful inflatables look as good as possible with his top draw photoshop skills. You will also find him editing content, keeping an eye on the social media and keeping our presence as high as possible; getting the information that you need right to where you need it…

Bouncy Kings continues to provide the same high-quality service that you have all come to know and love to hires all across the Midlands. With new additions to our staff and even more inflatables, we’re only getting better….

Facebook: /Bouncykings

Twitter: @bouncykings


Come and check us out today!!!

Bouncy Kings had the pleasure of supporting #Follow2016 with their religious speaker’s event over the past weekend at De Montfort Hall in Leicester!

Blog photo.jpgThe event consisted of well known public speakers spreading the word about religious beliefs and shedding light on some theories while also enjoying a fun-filled open day consisting of a magician performance, fun foods and of cause… BK inflatables!

Every child and adult had the opportunity to bounce and jump on either our adult celebration castle or jungle combo castle for hire, as did the staff! It quickly became apparent that the castles were a hit at the event when an influx of staff and speakers finally got to have their turn once the day’s job was done.


Make sure to check out some of the work that Follow 2016 get up to and check out some of their philosophical ideas on twitter.

We look forward to hopefully working with them again next year!


cubs 1

Leicestershire Cubs coming together…

The Leicestershire Cubs and Scouts groups are two groups that are very close to the hearts of Bouncy Kings. We always aim to help them out as much as possible, providing our inflatables for some of their biggest event days and celebrating with them in true BK style.

Over the past weekend, Leicestershire Cubs celebrated their 100th birthday by providing fun and a range of activities to young members in a new, educational way; teaching life skills while meeting some life long friends along the way. Cubs has brought together a range of young children over the last century in order to achieve this goal and provide a safe and fun environment for children of a range of ages.

cubs 4 Leicestershire Cubs celebrate their 100th anniversary with an activity camp at Mallory Park, Leicestershire. The sweeper.PICTURE CHRIS GORDON cubs 2


In order to celebrate this happy occasion, the Cubs put on an open day at the infamous Mallory Park Race Track in Leicestershire, at which they housed our Last Man Standing Sweeper, Dash n Grab inflatable game, Helter Skelter slide, Jungle Themed inflatable slide, inflatable Penalty Shootout and our amazing, 84ft Boot Camp assult course! The members of the Cub society, which now has over 1030 members, enjoyed our inflatables for the vast duration of their three day event and celebrated in true BK style.

Why not check out Scouts and some more of their adventures here:

And for all of your inflatable needs, remember, there’s no day like a BK day!

Bouncy Kings Bouncy Castle Hire: